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An Accidental Venture

Here's what I found when I searched Amazon.

"Secrets to Success" - Over 5000 titles

"Secrets to Happiness" - Over 3000 titles

"Secrets to various management” - Over 6000 titles

"Secrets to Finance" - Over 2000 titles

Then came "The Secret" which is based on Law Of Attraction, which is probably the only Secret book you should read. Then came another 1000 books on why Secret doesn't work and another 1000 books on how to make the Secret work. The Secret to make the Secret work.

I had enough looking for secrets to the point of stagnation. Whatever issue I had and needed help, a 1000 titles on The Secret to xxxxx came up. These multi billion dollar enterprises make the basics so complicated that we end up feeling not good enough. Don't get me wrong, there are wonderful courses and coaches out there, but after reading over 400 books, most of them are beyond Crap - one of the main reasons for starting NS2NS. There is just way too much of nonsense out there.

There's only one thing we do at NS2NS:

Take the problem, remove all the Nonsense (you can also say Secrets) and just take what makes sense and works. If we don’t know, then we ask those who know and can help!  

Typical problems we all face:

  • No time, No energy, No mood - Put all the No's here

  • No Money - major one... don't worry, I am not starting a financial course (not eligible for that)

  • Getting angry, frustrated (at yourself, family, kids)

  • Want to do something, or had started something, but don't know how to do it

  • Not able to perform at your best

  • Become a shadow of ourselves. At one point, we would have done so much, but where has all that energy gone?

  • Do we look good enough?

  • Our Fears


The list goes on...

Again am I promising that all this will be gone and life will become a fairy tale? Too bad - Nope.

So hang around the website and posts. You never know what will work out.

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"When an egg breaks from outside, Life ends. When it breaks from Inside, life begins"

Jim Kwik


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